Recent Publications (1993 to date)

The Unsinkable Mrs Dillon,  ALTA Conference Paper, Christchurch 1993.

The Iron Baron: Oil Spill Response Review,” in Strategic Research Centre for Environmental Accountability, Newsletter, published by the Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Tasmania, September 1996.

Editor & contributing author (Carriage by road, rail & sea and limitation of liability in sea carriage) in “Transport Laws of Australia,” 1999.

“Marketers & the Law,” Clark, Cho, Hoyle (Contributing chapters on Transport Law & Franchises), Law Book Co. 2000.

“Sovreignty at Sea: From Westphalia to Madrid,” (Ed. R Herr) Wollongong Papers on Maritime Policy No. 11, (Contributing chapter on Antarctic Transport Policies & Issues), 2000.

Contributing national author “Multimodal Transport Carrier Liability and Issues Related to Bills of Lading,” (Ed. A. Kiantou-Pampouki), Bruylant, 2000.

“Transport Law in Australia,” (5th ed) Wolters Kluwer 2023.